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Hi, I'm Bernadette...


I started Sweet Pup Co when I was 12 years old making homemade dog treats to help support taking care of my foster puppies. After my pups found new homes, I continued to follow my passion and began creating even more amazing products for your pups to enjoy! In May 2020, I started putting these products into stores and local markets to better help reach more Pup owners. We love creating the best products for your pup to be stylish and trendy in! We search for the cutest fabrics and have a variety of designs for every dog with a unique style.

I am 23 years old, TTU Alumni, and a mom of three pups, Willow, Ace and Anakin.


Sweet Pup Co. is a small family owned and operated business consisting of my father, sister and myself. My father is a Disabled OIF Army Veteran & making dog treats is therapeutic for him. My sister is a young entrepreneur wanting to create her own line of products for Sweet Pup Co.

As a small business, we want to find ways to support pups in need. 10% of every sale is donated to “The Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue”, We love sending donations such as treats, bandanas, collars, food, and more go to other local dog rescues. 

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